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What is Indie Peach?

Indie Peach is a group of bloggers who work together to grow our blogs, have fun together, and generally make the most out of our tumblr experience! We welcome a variety of blog styles and bloggers with all follower counts! If you want to grow your blog and make some awesome new friends, keep reading.

Thanks to @leavingforever / @xlfdesigns for the banner!


  • Reblog this post!
  • Be nice! 
  • Have an active blog
  • Be willing to share your Facebook! That’s where we all talk and have events. Don’t worry, the group is secret, so your current friends won’t find your tumblr!


  • Making lots of new friends among the 200+ current members 
  • High-quality new blogs to follow
  • Tips from a team of friendly admins on how to expand your follower count and engage your current followers
  • An active Facebook page and group chat!
  • Tons of new followers!! 

Reblog this post and we’ll check out your blog! We’re always accepting new members, so if we think you’re a great fit, you’ll get a message from one of our admins soon. Happy blogging! 

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