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August 09 2017

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August 05 2017


probably one of the happiest sounds is when your pet comes running for you and you can hear the little pat pats of their feet on the floor

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July 25 2017

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There is lots of birds to look at here

July 18 2017

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July 13 2017

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July 11 2017

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July 06 2017

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June 14 2017

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April 29 2017



March 26 2017


I only need to be told im beautiful and loved 1500 times a day I think thats reasonable

March 18 2017


i’ve been through worse but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t hurt

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March 13 2017

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♡Glitchy Rainbow Pastels♡ {blog aesthetics for @scribbledstars}

February 20 2017

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February 18 2017

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don’t give your all to someone who won’t even give you half of them

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February 04 2017

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Little schizophrenia/schizospec/psychosis things


- those weird shapes that come in different colours and you HAVE to watch them float through one side of the room to the other then disappear

- weird squiggly black lines that dance around in front of you and usually make everything around you blurry except for that black thing

- people’s voices echoing but the echo is very deep and demonic sounding so you can barely understand what people are saying

- not showering for so long because you thought you showered an hour ago but in reality you haven’t showered at all

- not eating for days on end because the food is obviously poisoned or you have ugly gustatory hallucinations from eating so food is not good

- your vision going completely blurry and black for a while and you literally cannot see properly enough to function so you’re like woah

– watching a horror movie or a movie with a monster so obviously that movie was a secret message that the person/monster is out to get you

- there’s ALWAYS someone or something going after you

- wanting to please the thing that’s after you so you don’t get hurt so you listen to the voices and do whatever they tell you because they know what will please your persecutor

- making yourself bleed because that proves you’re a real person

- making yourself bleed but this time you don’t know how, when, or why

- all of a sudden feeling like your body is floating in soft clouds or like you’re in a very warm bath and you can feel yourself losing any and all control of yourself

- saying things out loud that were meant to be in your head

- you’re a psychic because you’re right about things in the future 38% of the time

- pretending to be speaking on the phone with someone when in reality you’re just talking to yourself/the voices

- not caring enough to distinguish what’s a hallucination or not because it’s too much work

- people thinking you’re acting drunk after an anxiety or panic attack/very bad seizure-like psychotic episode but in reality it’s just really bad psychosis

- saying something and people laughing but you have no idea what you said that was funny

- hallucinating pain in your body and then having hypochondriac type delusions that you’re going to die so you prepare for death

- believing anything anyone says even if it’s completely absurd or meant as sarcasm

- doing something and then forgetting you did the thing and doing it again and again until you realize you did it several times

- sleeping but not really sleeping because it’s like you get a good ten minutes of sleep before you wake up and take at least half an hour to sleep since auditory hallucinations continue on even throughout sleep

- hallucinating being cold so you’re wearing four layers or jackets, two layers or socks, very warm pj pants, mittens, and sitting right beside the heater turned to max

- that one hallucination that’s positive and encouraging but you can’t tell if it’s mocking you or being genuine

- all inanimate objects are alive so you have to be polite always

- telling people you’re not psychotic when they say you seem extremely ill but your insight is 0

- literally having to be taken care of like a small child: being reminded to eat, shower etc. basically people making sure you’re doing mundane basic human things

- having to be reminded you’re a human that needs to do basic human functions when in reality you feel as if you had the needs of inanimate objects which is nothing really

- having so much trouble walking and keeping your balance so people literally have to hold you while walking so you don’t fall over

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